3 Inspirational Stories To Help You Begin Your Own Self Love Journey

3 Inspirational Stories To Help You Begin Your Own Self Love Journey

3 Inspirational Stories To Help You Begin Your Own Self Love Journey


Whilst there are many different ways to practice self-love and remind yourself of our own self-worth, taking the necessary steps to beginning your own self-love journey might come a little easier to some of us than others.

Quite often we tend to seek out validation and acceptance from those around us to feel loved, but this almost always ends up leaving us disappointed in ourselves (and is likely to be the result of us expending ourselves in dead-end relationships).

Realising that you are the most important person in your life is the key to unlocking the most unconditional love that resides in your heart.

By learning how to love and accept yourself first — above everything and everyone else — you take the first empowering steps to becoming the absolute best version of yourself!


“Ready to start paving the road of your own self-love journey?”


We are all about sharing more love out into this world, and luckily, so is our growing community of love:)

Get started with these 3 inspirational stories of self-love to help inspire your own journey today!


#1 Love is A Journey Worth Going Through


Self love journey


“I think it’s safe to say that we have all had a phase in our lives when we just didn’t feel good enough – not good enough for the social standard set around us, not good enough for our job/career, not good enough physical appearance and even not feeling good enough about what our inherent character brings to the table.

For most of my early twenties, I was involved in an unhealthy relationship with someone who constantly knocked me down in such suitable ways that at the time I didn’t realise the “I’m not good enough” spiral had even begun, not to mention how toxic that person and relationship would end up being.

I did the best thing possible when I cut ties with this person and relationship and poured all the LOVE I’d thought of giving to the next person into myself. The radical change that occurred within me is hard to describe, but I now know that I am good enough in every aspect of my life and if I ever start to doubt that I immediately pour some more love into my soul and surround myself with those I hold dear to me for an extra boost.

One of my favourite quotes reads: “You could change the world just by being a warm, kind hearted human being.” I think this is so true, especially when you start by loving yourself first. Imagine the wonderful domino effect that you would create around you and the positivity that would attract.

Love is a journey worth going through.

We are all blessed to have people that top our heart/soul up when we may need it, but if you can’t love and respect yourself first, how can you expect that next person to do so.

All I wish is for anyone reading this is to know, YOU are good enough and you deserve love and kindness! Just make sure you give it to yourself before naturally expecting it to come from someone else.”

— Kayley, Cape Town.

Simply being the exact person who you wish to be with everyday is what self-love is truly about.

Be kind and forgiving to yourself, we are all learning at our own pace!


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#2 Everything is Love, and You Are Everything


Self love journey


“I must admit I spent years searching for love from others, or from some specific individuals. I always looked for validation, approval, and commitment from partners and friends that were close to me. Though, deep down, I felt like something was missing.

In 2017, while undergoing important changes in my personal life, I embarked upon a spiritual journey which seemed to manifest itself as a mental breakdown. It was truly not a “fun” time. I was confused, angry and resentful. I didn’t realise what I was signing myself up for.

But, I kept on going.

Through daily meditation practices, going to retreats and reading books on Buddhist teachings, gradually I tended to my wounds. I learnt how to listen to my heart and body, and I began to heal. It was through that period of time that I found the missing piece: Self-Love.

With humility, I learned to love myself.

It started with trepidation. I wasn’t even comfortable with feeling sad, and I would typically criticise myself when I cried. I found great resources to help with my healing process.

Sarah Blondin’s “Live Awake” meditation series was tremendously empowering and I resonated with it deeply. It’s all about giving myself permission; to breath, to observe my emotions, to acknowledge mistakes made, but also to offer self-compassion, to dare to express how I feel without accusation or attacking myself, and most importantly, to love and BE LOVED.

The latter was especially challenging for me. I used to think I needed to “do more” and “be a certain way” for people to love me. Now I know: I am enough. I deserve to be loved, just the way I am.

Everything is love, and you are everything.

To quote Rumi: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. I now live with a more open heart, a bit more courage, and a firmer belief that we are all incredibly loved.”

— Moon, United Kingdom

What beautiful words celebrating self-love and releasing oneself from the shackles of fear and doubt. 

Self-love is simply the best medicine, and you can’t prescribe yourself enough of it!


#3 Love is An Irreplaceable Motivation That Inspires Us To Be More


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“A few days ago I wrote myself a letter. It never started as a love letter, but if I look back on it now I see that it came from a place deep in my heart. Where a softer, gentler, wiser version of me resides.

“I’m going to ask you to be brave,” the letter said. “Braver than you’ve ever had to be before. You’re going to kick and cry and scream and find yourself lost in the wilderness of your own mind, but that’s ok. That’s what it feels like when you start to tend to the weeds in the overgrown garden of your own heart. But, if you start, you will find a light to guide you, and you must start. Right now. In the darkness.”

These words came to me in the aftermath of a break up. Not an ugly breakup, but a decision that after five years it was time to, respectfully, walk our own paths. It was only days afterwards that I realised I’d spent these years pouring love and nourishment into another person without stopping to do the same for myself. That realisation was crushing. I’d always been so sure that I’d made time to take care of myself.

I did yoga, I meditated regularly, I ran on the promenade and saw my friends all the time, but it turns out I was only doing those things to pass the time until I could be with my boyfriend again and pour my love back into the relationship. When there was no longer a relationship I felt no inclination to do any of these things I’d considered as part of who I was, and my inner self put her foot down and spoke to me with more love and tenderness than I’d felt in years.

I used to feel like love was uneven. That there would always be someone who would love more or be willing to give more and that this would in turn cause periods of heartache. Now, investing in myself and consciously practicing self-love, I’m starting to notice that love is constant. It’s soft and simple and electrifying and empowering and consuming. It’s ever-changing, but unmistakable.

Love is an irreplaceable motivation that inspires us to be more.

I owe it to myself to be the most important person in my life. If I do not put as much back in as I give out then I will be failing the most important love of my life: Myself.”

— Lauren, South Africa.

Self-love is the best love! 

You are the most important person in your life, treat yourself like that all the time.

Hope that these 3 inspirational stories have helped to light a fire inside you so you can get started on your own journey of self-love right away!


What are your thoughts on self-love/love in general?


We’d love to hear more about your own journey and who inspires love in your life! Leave us a comment or share your love with the world by clicking below:)

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