About Us

About Us


Product of love's founders


"Love is a celebration of kindred spirits."

— Nat & Dee


We are living in seemingly uncertain times.

A deeply divided world where conflicts and generational grievances continue to drive us further apart because of differences in our ethnicities and race, our gender identities and sexual preferences, our socio-economic classes and religious beliefs, our political leanings and where we come from...


How Can We Keep This World Together if We Can't Even

Keep it Together With Each Other?


The only answer is love.

As the collective known as the human race our single most important truth is this:

We all come from love.

We are all born to love and be loved.

Hate and prejudice are constructs of a world that has forgotten what it really is.

We choose to live in a world that puts love above all else.

Real love knows no ethnic group or colour of one’s skin. Real love knows no gender or sexual preference. Real love knows no class or religion. Real love knows no choosing of sides or physical boundaries.

Product of Love is a manifestation of two souls who recognised a deep need for more LOVE in this world.

By sharing real-life stories about partnership, friendship, familyship and self-love, we want to help remind you of who you truly are (LOVE) in a world where its existence is easily forgotten.

It is our sincerest hope that these people and their stories will inspire you to create and live your own story of love in every moment of every day, and in turn help the world become a more compassionate and loving place for it!

Love is what unites us. Be love. Choose love. Share love.

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