3 Touching Stories That Show The Divine Power of a Mother’s Love

3 Touching Stories That Show The Divine Power of a Mother’s Love

3 Touching Stories That Show The Divine Power of a Mother’s Love


Out of all the different types of love we may be privileged enough to experience in our lifetime on this Earth, there is nothing quite like that of a mother’s love.

The love one shares with their own mother is a deeply-rooted bond cultivated long before any of us even take our first breath in this world, a kind of love that permeates our very beings and shapes every single experience of love we encounter as we grow into adulthood and start our own families.

A mother’s love is the very definition of unconditional love (in our loving opinion) and something so innately beautiful that teaches us the fundamentals of what love is, nurtures us when we are sorrowful, protects us when we are fearful and empowers us when we are doubtful.

In the spirit of celebrating Mother’s Day 2019 and getting you to reflect on what your own mother means to you, we’re sharing 3 touching stories from our loving community that shows the divine power of a mother’s love from the unique perspectives of a son, a daughter and a mother.


# Love is Unconditional, Accepting, Supportive, Kind & Realised in Actions,

Not only Words


A mother's Love


"When I first saw and held my daughter (who I adopted), I was humbled and in awe of this little person depending on me so much. In her eyes, I am her "mumsy", her everything, her safety net and as she says, "her sun, moon & stars!”

We share the joys, the sorrows, the hard times, the good times — we walk together in the journey of our lives. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the great love that was born in my heart when we met.

There is no difference and I forget that I didn't carry her in my body because we were always meant to be mom and daughter — that is our destiny.

Her thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion, understanding and love towards me is so limitless — she is determined to take care of me as she says, "You CHOSE me…”

The love for her and my biological son is the same — fierce, protective and unconditional. The children have coloured my world in a way that I never expected.

How they love and trust me, the comfort they feel just knowing I am there is so overwhelming and humbling. Each of my children are individuals with gifts, talents and strengths, quite unique and cannot be compared against each other.

Their love towards me is unconditional....as is my love for them no matter what. Our love is endless..."

— Valerie, South Africa

The epitome of unconditional love, born from the loving heart of a mother given freely to her adoptive daughter (read her story here)!

Love has the ultimate power to bring souls together regardless of where we come from, or what language we speak.


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# Love is Putting Someone Before Your Own Needs


A mother's love


“My most meaningful experience of love, I must say, can not be pin pointed to a specific moment or period in my life. For me it was the realisation and appreciation of the unearned, undeserved and unprecedented love that my mother has shown me throughout my life by just being born and not expecting anything in return.

The struggles, sacrifices and hardship she has gone through to get me to this point, I can only define as love that is undying until the very end.

As I look back and reflect on my life, I can truly say I would be nothing but a lost soul without her guidance, wisdom and unconditional love through my ups and down, from my best moments, to my worst moments, supporting my strengths and loving me even more for my weaknesses, we have shared them all.

There are many different kinds of love in this world which is a good thing to recognise, but for me this kind of love is the most meaningful and prolific kind of them all, and I will cherish it until the day I meet my creator and say thank you to him for allowing me to experience such a great pleasure.

My mom’s love has rubbed off on me in such a way that it has spilled over and overflowed into my personal relationships with friends and family, allowing me to love them despite of their current and past circumstances.

It has given me great joy, and even greater joy after accepting that sometimes it won’t be returned. This is a gift I give to those I have the pleasure of meeting.” 

— Wanda, Japan

The love of a mother is one bestowed by The Divine, to never be taken for granted, always appreciated and to be taught to every other being we come into contact with.


#Love is a Universal Language That Can Be Used to Connect to Any Living Thing and Help Them Unlock Their Super Own Powers


A mother's love


“I’ve loved love in all its forms, but don't think I ever truly knew what love was till the day I had to remember love to live. We grew up hearing of love, being told to love, find love, share love, see love, but not truly understanding love. We are told love is pure, that it has no boundaries and that it is strong, but do we really understand it?

I was 14 when a girl at my school committed suicide. We were offered counseling and parents were in panic. My mother didn't say anything till we got home. She turned to me and said, "I hope in your darkest hour in whatever situation you're in, you remember my love and I hope it's enough to pull you out".

I was a few months shy of 30 years when those words had the strongest meaning and power. I lost a lover, friends, job and had hit rock bottom. I had lost 10kg in 2 months and had no will to wake up. I wasn't suicidal, I just didn't want to wake up. I sat up in bed round 2am and remembered those words, mama's words.

They were heavy and I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and I couldn't breathe. Those words strangled me until I had tears rolling down my eyes with no sound out of my mouth. Those words were tighter than a hug and warmer than fire.

It was hard, the pain was heavy and the stress felt like I was Atlas with the world on my shoulders. Love saved me, love healed me, love strengthened me and love made me believe again, I love my mom.”

— Kelly, South Africa

No matter what you’re going through, no matter how insurmountable life may seem, remember that you are loved and you matter!

Trust these 3 personal stories helped to touch you in that special place of your heart reserved just for your mother's love!

Wishing all mothers across the world the most beautiful day filled with love and surrounded by their family.


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