Spreading LOVE, One Story At a Time

Spreading LOVE, One Story At a Time

How does the sharing process work?

Step 1 - Share Your Story of Love

Take some time and find a quiet space, pour yourself a glass of wine (or any other beverage that gets you in a relaxed frame of mind), put on some soothing sounds and answer a few questions about absolutely anyone who inspires love in your life.

Step 2 - Send us a High-Quality Pic

Once you've sent your love out into the universe, you'll be prompted to send a high-quality snap of yourself and your inspiration to our inbox (we just love seeing happy people sharing their special moments of life together)!

Step 3 - We Publish Your Story

Our team lovingly edits your answers into a beautiful story that is uniquely YOU to be shared with everyone who loves like you do (and your special human/s) that you can view on our Instagram account.

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